Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Message From Miles

Miles has asked us to thank all the doctors, nurses and staff at Swedish Hospital who helped him along through the eventful first 84 days of his life.

There were a lot of poignant moments on Friday as Miles said goodbye to nurses who cared for him around the clock in the Special Care Unit, the NICU, and (before he was even born) in the Antepartum Unit.

We could tell that Miles was a special favorite of many of the nurses. What were the clues? Well, they repeatedly told us he was, and vehemently denied that they say this about all the babies.

We are looking forward to showing off a growing Miles to the nurses at future NICU reunions. In the meantime, we hope they'll check in at this site from time to time to see their handiwork in action.


1 comment:

Merethe said...

This is wonderful! The pictures give me goosebumps and my eyes start to water. Such a big event for the three of you.

Jan and I wish the little Viking and his parents: LYKKE TIL!