Monday, April 28, 2008

It's All Happening at the Zoo

As Miles grew increasingly cognizant of the world around him, it was time to pay another visit to the Woodland Park Zoo.

Before taking on the wild animals, Miles warmed up in the Zoomazium.

With a few cracks in the egg, our little critter was ready to go.

He found a hollow tree to explore...

...where he prevailed in a feral stand-off with two much larger creatures.

We couldn't have been prouder of our little tough guy.

Hey, weren't there supposed to be three?

Oh, there he is.

Back in captivity.

Which way to Nocturnal House?

At last, back in his natural habitat.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

On the Beach (Part 2)

Never a notably docile sleeper, Miles reacted to the weekend getaway with a bravura performance of insomnia that left us suitably dazzled.

To offer his mom at least an hour of potential sleep, Miles and I took a walk through the woods early the next morning.

Fortunately, it was another beautiful day to be out and about in the Northwest.

Miles met up with some friendly local horses.

The front range of the snowy Olympics loomed on the horizon.

Our friends Allie and Aly arrived for a visit.

Miles enjoyed a nap in the cabin while his parents enjoyed it on the beach.

This time, we were smart enough to do our kayaking at high tide...

...and avoided the mudflats at low tide.

Miles combed the beach for oysters...

...and practiced his dance moves on the grass.

He took time out for a swing...

... and a little lounging around.

His curiousity knew no bounds.

But he could be momentarily distracted.

Once again, we dined on the bounty of the beach.

And watched the sun set over tranquil waters.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

On the Beach

Enough nesting. It was time for our first family getaway since returning from Germany three months ago.

Lisa's mom kindly set us up with a weekend at a cabin on Oakland Bay (proceeds of a charity auction).

Miles was ready to hit the beach.

Unusually sunny April weather prevailed.

After a prolonged Northwest winter, our shadows emerged from hiding.

Miles made a careful survey of the tideflats.

A serene inlet awaited our exploration.

Miles helped Daddy to get the kayak ready.

Then he mounted the bridge to command the ship.

We returned to the beach to gather our dinner....

...and barely escaped from the mud.

But our efforts were rewarded with a bucket full of oysters, clams and mussels.

Our friend Stephen arrived just in time to enjoy a twilight paddle and an encounter with an unidentified marine mammal.

Screensaver time!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Catching Up With Mr. Miles (March Edition)

Basket Case, Part 1.

My Dinner With Miles.

Basket Case, Part 2

In search of worms.

A late March snowstorm...

...trades spring for a winter wonderland...

...and a player to be named later.

Miles canvasses the neighborhood.

Picking up a head of steam.

Homeward bound.