Saturday, November 22, 2008

How time flies!

Twenty-six weeks and six days under my belt; nine days in the hospital thus far; eight days to my twenty-eight week goal and drum roll please FORTY-NINE days until I get discharged. Umm, that would be January 11, 2009. Not so bad, right? Hey, they bring you warmed blankets at night here and I've got a great view.

Come January 11th, I'll be 34 weeks and if my condition is the basically the same, I'll be sent home to complete my pregnancy on bedrest in the comfort of our own home. Babies born beyond 34 weeks often do not need breathing assitance nor a NICU stay.

Flip side of going home earlier - NICU stay for new baby. I know that it is easier for me to do time on this side of the pregnancy than for the baby to do NICU time on the other side.

Without question the most difficult part of this is missing the Muffin. Frankly, I can't even write about it because it's too emotional for me. After all, what's 50 days? Hey, it's only 49 days - see these days are getting away from me already!

Oh, by the way, I've had two ultrasounds in the last week.....stable!


Friday, November 21, 2008

Modern Times

Long-time readers of this blog will recall that we began doing this to keep friends and family up-to-date on the pre-natal activities of the young lad who would soon (in fact, very soon) become Miles Falvy.

Now we await the arrival of his brother under remarkably similar circumstances. There's been enough déjà vu to coat everything with a thick layer since we checked Lisa into 5 South at Swedish Hospital a week ago. So much of the experience is familiar, from the nurses who say, "Has it really been two years, already?" to the serenely immutable cafeteria menu.

And yet there are a few key differences this time around. For one thing, due to close observation of this pregnancy (and especially Lisa's vigilance), the situation was rather less precarious when we were admitted. And we got through the first week in the hospital without any serious attempt by the new munchkin to make an escape.

Lisa's bed-rest restrictions are not quite so draconian, and the relatively modest doses of medication allow her to read, surf the Internet and converse with a coherence that was not always available two years ago. So, while it is certainly not a pleasant thing to be confined to a hospital bed for days on end, we know quite well that it could be worse.

The other big difference this time, of course, is the Muffin. He's been a real sport about the whole thing, and puts up with Daddy's blundering around the house. But he does miss his Mommy and the converse is equally true. We take Miles in for a visit at least once every day, and twice if possible.

But technology (specifically, wi-fi and the laptop webcam) has enabled us to leaven these visits with a little electronic yeast. So now, we proudly introduce Virtual Mommy!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Scenes from a birthday...

You've Come a Long Way, Baby

We celebrated Miles' second birthday today with a little bash in Mommy's room at Swedish Hospital. A fine time was had by all, including Miles' gestating little-brother-to-be. We'll have full coverage of the event shortly.

But first, a little perspective on how far Miles has come in the last two years:




Friday, November 14, 2008

Expansion and Change of Address

The Falvy Family is expanding! One of us more so than the others....if you haven't heard, Dean, Miles and I are expecting a new arrival. Miles' new baby brother is due at the end of February and so far he is doing great.

However, bringing this project to term is once again posing some challenges. I am 25 weeks and 5 days pregnant and for the last five weeks my cervix has been slowly changing. Yesterday afternoon I left my OB appointment in a wheelchair and moved into my new room at Chez Swedish (that would be Swedish Hospital for you out-of-towners). I will likely be here for the duration of my pregnancy, which hopefully will be a long time.

Here's the good news! My condition is not nearly as dire as it was when I was admitted with Miles. My cervix is still closed with 8 to 11mm to spare. My state at admission with Miles was no cervix closure and prolapsed membranes (amniotic sack) through the cervix. I am on bedrest, but I can take a shower and use the bathroom on my own (this is huge!). I have no IV yet and while I'm taking plenty of drugs I can still see straight. From our previous stay, I know the majority of the nurses and even the maintenance people. I have heard a number of stories of women lasting weeks in my fragile state. Best of all, I have lived through the NICU trauma and come out the other side with a beautiful baby boy.

So, in short, no worries, I AM NOT HAVING THIS BABY ANY TIME SOON. After about two weeks, we will be in a position equivalent to when Miles was born. I will get past that marker and then shoot for a more optimistic goal. Anything beyond 28 weeks will be bonus as far as I'm concerned. I would love to minimize the NICU interventions needed by our new little guy.

We'll keep all our loyal readers posted on this little story as it develops. Watch this blog for updates!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Night to Remember

This is not a political blog, of course. But no chronicle of Miles' saga would be complete if we failed to mention the overwhelming feeling of joy that swept across the country and into our household this evening.

Where words fail, there's always pictures.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Youth Vote

Miles has cast his ballot for president.

Have you?