Saturday, November 22, 2008

How time flies!

Twenty-six weeks and six days under my belt; nine days in the hospital thus far; eight days to my twenty-eight week goal and drum roll please FORTY-NINE days until I get discharged. Umm, that would be January 11, 2009. Not so bad, right? Hey, they bring you warmed blankets at night here and I've got a great view.

Come January 11th, I'll be 34 weeks and if my condition is the basically the same, I'll be sent home to complete my pregnancy on bedrest in the comfort of our own home. Babies born beyond 34 weeks often do not need breathing assitance nor a NICU stay.

Flip side of going home earlier - NICU stay for new baby. I know that it is easier for me to do time on this side of the pregnancy than for the baby to do NICU time on the other side.

Without question the most difficult part of this is missing the Muffin. Frankly, I can't even write about it because it's too emotional for me. After all, what's 50 days? Hey, it's only 49 days - see these days are getting away from me already!

Oh, by the way, I've had two ultrasounds in the last week.....stable!


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Beth Clow said...

Lisa I'm so glad that you're holding in there so well. I hope the days pass by quickly. I hope to visit witht he girls at some point but I'm sick and you certainly don't need what I've got so I'm staying away until I've finished my antibiotics! Take care and know that you are all in my thoughts.