Saturday, May 1, 2010

Catching Up With Miles & Leo (Spring Edition)

Leo thinks about cooking up some Pan Asian.

An early spring hike to Barclay Lake near Stevens Pass.

Taking stock after a visit from the Easter Bunny.

 And a meeting with the real thing.

 Miles in his Easter best.

Leo, too.

Joined at the sweater.

It's gotta be up there somewhere.

 Miles is ready for his close up.

Leo explores Circle Park.
Discovering spring.

Tulip Shakkur.
Pleased to meet you.  My name is Leo.

Hiking for three.

A visit with Uncle George in Bend.

Back in the Old Country we called this "tickling".

Contemplating the scene at Mt. Bachelor.

Miles tries out his skis....

 ...before deciding that he prefers to ride in the trailer with Leo.

Ready for the Iditarod.

 The proud parents.
Leo is ready to take up another family sport.

 Meanwhile, Miles meets static electricity on the trampoline.