Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Doing Time

It's official - as of 2:37 a.m. this morning, I am more pregnant than I have ever been.

I am now 28 weeks and 2 days pregnant, the exact gestational age of Miles when he was born. Frankly, I can't believe that I have made it to the Miles milestone. Over eight weeks ago my cervix began changing. I really could not imagine hanging on for at least another two months. Now I can focus on longer-term goals. I have been lying in this room for 19 days. Only 40 more to go!

Some days seem to roll by quickly, while on others I find myself just staring at the walls forever. I am incredibly thankful for my visitors and all of the distractions the hospital has to offer, as it does make the time go by.

Tomorrow is a big day, I have an ultrasound, meaning I get to leave my room on a gurney (yeah!) and head down to radiology. While I don't have any inkling that things have changed, I am hoping to have this confirmed officially. The other concern, besides my changing cervix, is that the amniotic fluid level can drop below normal as a side effect to the drugs I'm taking to control my contractions. If this happens, I will need to stop taking the drugs and hope that the contractions stay at bay on their own. Contractions will ultimately change the cervix, so it is necessary to stop them (thus, my diagnosis, "preterm labor"). The good news is that our little guy is doing great, moving up a storm with "beautiful heart accelerations".

Dean and Miles seem to be doing OK, but frankly, I only see small bits of them. Miles has a cadre of caretakers, all of whom he enjoys. Both of his grandmothers are helping out quite a bit and we have two nannies to draw from. I coordinate the care times, while Dean tries to put in a full day of work, then do the shopping, cleaning, house upkeep, putting the Muffin to bed and so on.
The big picture is looking better and better, and we just remember that this too shall pass. Other than the fact that Miles thinks that mommy now lives in a high-rise condo downtown, I think we all see the forest through the trees.


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Christen Gladu said...

Congrats on your MILEStone!!! I wish I could be there to keep you company - Sister! LOL, Christen