Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Wedge

The past week has been smooth sailing in Miles World, relatively speaking.

In medical news, there have been no major incidents to report. The Very Serious Event of Feb. 20 has not reoccured, thankfully. Choking as a result of reflux is once again the leading theory of the cause. As a result, Miles is taking some tasty anti-reflux medication. Instead of spending his nights in the cradle, Miles now is sleeping at about a 30 degree angle, thanks to The Wedge:

The Wedge was custom built for Miles by Occupational Therapy at Children's Hospital. It looks a little like something you'd find in a medieval dungeon, except that it's made out of foam.

It may not look terribly comfortable, but Miles does seem to be sleeping better since the arrival of The Wedge.

Nevertheless, his habits remain decidedly nocturnal. We are amazed at how peacefully he can spend his days in epic naps, interrupted only briefly for feedings. Then suddenly he perks up around midnight and wants to stay up all night partying.

I tell ya, these kids today.


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Christen Gladu said...

Can we see more video please? maybe some wedge action...