Monday, June 18, 2007

Miles Rocks

My first Father's Day as a card-carrying father turned into a celebration of the arts, starting with the culinary ones, as Lisa and Miles took me to Palisade for a delicious brunch.

Then they gave me a book! Not just any book, but a new biography of one of my old heroes, the late, great Clash frontman Joe Strummer:

In the afternoon I caught our friends the illustrious Leo and Anna Daedalus appearing live and in various recorded media in the show The Theory of Love with Portland's Liminal Performance Group down at On the Boards.

Dashing quickly up Aurora Avenue, I joined Lisa and Miles for a Zootunes concert with the Indigo Girls at the now-very-familiar Woodland Park Zoo.

It was Miles' first concert (post-partum, at least), and in fact his first live music (if you don't count an occasional guitarist at Third Place Books or the karaoke machine in the basement). Even though the Indigo Girls serve up a relatively gentle acoustic mix, Lisa left nothing to chance, crafting a pair of custom infant earplugs for Miles in case the audio threatened to overwhelm him.

We ran into about eight million friends at the concert, including Aly and Allie:

By the time Father's Day was all over, Miles was thoroughly tuckered:

As were we all.


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Tiffany Tarrant said...

Wow! Zoo tunes with a baby, now that's the true sign of cool parents! I think you all ROCK!