Monday, July 23, 2007

Miles Goes Bananas

Upon returning from Oregon, Miles quickly demonstrated his broadened horizons. After struggling for several weeks to complete his back-to-front rollover move, suddenly Miles mastered the finish, peeling off five or six full rotations with increasing ease.

Even attentive to signs of a clustering of developmental milestones (so to speak), Lisa promptly mashed up a fresh banana to test her theory that Miles might be ready for some solid food.

At first, Miles wasn't so sure about the whole idea.

But then he thought, what the hey, I guess I'll give it a try.

Hmmm... you know what, that's pretty good.

Now that you mention it, I think I will have some more.

OK, let's get some more BANANAS!

Thanks, Mommy, for making me such a tasty treat.

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