Saturday, September 29, 2007


While we pondered our European fate, there was still a vacation to be had. Ahead lay our long-awaited trek to the Dordogne via the Loire.

Packing up our caravan and departing Paris were not accomplished entirely without mishap. Let's just say that the concrete parking pylons that festoon Parisian streets are not particularly appreciated by this harried driver. Meanwhile, we filled up every available cubic inch of our rental car--and this before any serious shopping had taken place.

Soon, however, we were rolling across the open plains of Central France, on the way to our first stop, the Chateau de Chambord. Miles was having a great time even before we got through the front gate, where he met his first horse.

Now, it wasn't quite fair to throw Chambord at Cov as her first castle. We should have started with something smaller. Something a little less grand. Something that wouldn't have made her cry.

Oh well, too late now.

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