Saturday, November 17, 2007


It was our lucky day. We'd all gotten over our flus and colds. The sun was out. We were driving south to the Bavarian Alps. There was fresh snow everywhere, except on the road. Einfach spitze!

First stop: Hohenschwangau, the Bavarian royal family's mountain retreat. This was the boyhood home of King Ludwig II, the maniacal castle builder whom attentive readers will remember from our visit to Herrenchiemsee. Anyway, Ludwig liked the area so much he put up his own fantasy castle, the überfamous Neuschwanstein, on an adjacent hill.

We bundled Miles up in his new snowsuit and set out to explore.

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Pete said...

Gorgeous! You guys must be having a blast. Have you ever considered becoming a travel writer?

Nothin' but rain rain and more rain here in the 206. May set a record today...