Sunday, February 10, 2008

Miles' Adjusted Birthday

Miles will tell you he's a lucky boy for being born twelve weeks early.

Why? Because he gets two birthdays: the first being the date of his actual birth in November, and the second his expected due date in February (also known as his "adjusted" birthday). Miles' "adjusted age" is often useful as a developmental yardstick. Since his first few months outside the womb were really spent simulating conditions inside it, he really didn't get going on his baby skills his actual due date. If he's clever, he should be able to leverage this into a blanket three-month extension on his homework once he starts school.

Although his actual birthday was observed in memorable fashion last November, at Neuschwanstein and the Hofbrauhaus, few of our friends and relatives were able to make the trip to Germany to share it. So we decided to throw Miles a proper first birthday party on his adjusted date.

To relive the zeitgeist of last November, Miles obligingly donned his lederhosen.

Ja, it was just like die alte Zeit.

Conor and Mitch had a hand in it.

Let the festivities commence.

Miles with his cousin Jonathan.

Celebrating oneness.

Here's looking at you, kid.

Enough with the speeches -- let's eat cupcakes!

The verdict? Yum!

The grand-rents.

Now what is this thing you call "sugar"?

Where can I get more?

Sorry, I have to take this call.

The best presents are edible.

Thanks to all who helped make this such a memorable (adjusted) event!

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