Sunday, March 15, 2009

Eo: Week 3

Leo has now completed his first three weeks post partum and is settling into life as a terrestrial being.

Miles continues to regard his little brother affectionately, and refers to him as "Eo"--which, we must admit, is a pretty catchy nickname.

Eo can be pretty gregarious when awake...

...but during the day, at least, he is often content to revert to womb-like indolence.

Far from resenting his brother's presence, Miles has grown newly insistent on family togetherness. If we're going downstairs, he wants Mommy and Eo to come too. If we're going out, he's delighted when the car is full and distraught when anyone stays behind.

So, Miles naturally insisted that we make a first full-family visit to the Children's Museum, so that he could show Eo the special "Cue George" exhibit.

Plus Miles taught him how to drive a fire truck.

Of course, Miles' good mood is not completely altruistic. One of the best things about having a little brother... getting big brother presents!

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