Monday, May 4, 2009

March of Dimes Walk

For the second straight year, the Falvy family joined the March of Dimes Walk along Seattle's waterfront.

This time, however, we were bringing not one but two healthy kids to the table. For this good fortune, we had superb medical care to thank. But we knew from last year's experience that many of the marchers would be doing so in honor of kids who were not so fortunate. So the walk can be a joyous, poignant and melancholy event at the same time.

For Miles, however, the bliss was unmitigated as he saw the giant fire engine cranes that greeted marchers arriving outside of the starting point at Qwest Field.

Leo was taking it all in for the first time.

We saw many friends from last year, including Shannon and Owen from our PEPS group.

Then it was off to the Alaskan Way Viaduct, which had been thoughtfully cleared of traffic for our convenience.

We had one of the heavier vehicles on the road.

All was well until the return leg, when we decided to let Miles stretch his legs for a bit.

He had no intention of going with the flow. Instead, he insisted on exploring puddles in the shoulder and scaling the guard rail. When these pleasures were denied to him, he unleashed a rush-hour worthy meltdown.

These antics consumed so much time that we actually finished last -- yes, LAST -- among the thousands of marchers. Of course, it was not a race. Still, you know you've finished last when the police escort is bumping up against your heels, and the band gives you a nice fanfare because your arrival means they can finally go home.

Leo was appalled. We'll do better next year.


Pete said...

Ha! Last place takes an effort! Congrats!

Nicolas said...

Dear Lisa,
This is Madina Miles's favorite nanny :) You had a second baby? How sweet is he... And Miles is so big, oh how I miss him. Any plans to come back to Munich? I always think about you all.