Friday, June 18, 2010

Salt Sprint to the Finish

Miles got the next morning started right with a hot chocolate.   As far as we could tell, the Vesuvius Cafe constituted the entire town of Vesuvius.

Then the intrepid family geared up for a bike ride along North Beach Road.

Grandma Margee was up to the task as well.

Our two young lads got along perfectly in the trailer the whole time.  (Heh heh.  Right.)   Well, at least we got a photo of the brief, shining moment when they did.

Miles enjoyed the beach -- if not always wearing his life jacket.

Mommy grilled up some delicious local lamb....

... bringing out her eldest son's inner carnivore.

The next day, Leo explored Ruckle Provincial Park.

And checked out the Fulford Harbour Ferry.

Miles must have been out of cell phone range.

We were walking along the road, minding our own business...

... when suddenly we were swarmed by a migrating herd of sheep.

Meanwhile, our home base was besieged by deer, who were apparently inspired by the World Cup to look for a pickup game of soccer.

Miles and Mommy scaled the summit of Mt. Maxwell.... 

... and took in 360 degree views of the surrounding waterways and islands.

Daddy and Miles thought it would be a great place to test out the capabilities of the stomp rocket.

Miles was pleased with the results....

... although apparently there was some "collateral damage."

Miles made friends with some land-based fauna.

Leo stuck with beachcombing.
Of course, the boys were on their best behavior when we visited the Salt Spring Island Winery.

Though Leo wasn't so steady on his feet by the time we left.

Mommy and Miles took one more spin around the bay.

Suddenly, young Miles began showering everyone with daisies.

Until we all took on a festive look.

There was time to enjoy just one more Salt Spring Island sunset.

The next day, the BC Ferries brought us back to the mainland -- and back to earth from an amazing vacation.

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