Friday, January 12, 2007

Cue the Elevator

Rumors are swirling about Miles' impending move to the second floor and the Special Care Nursery. It could happen any day now. The nurses in the NICU are getting a bit verklempt at the thought of Miles' impending graduation. As are we! After eight weeks in the NICU, it feels a bit like home. We've never known our baby outside of Nursery Five. We have never observed a breath of our child without the comfort of the intensive care nurses (who are awfully fond of him) just a step away. We have never walked with our baby in our arms - at least no further than his tubular connections permit. We are beginning to think about loving him and holding him without the constant reminder of his many monitors - and this frightens us to our bones, no less. BUT......we are beginning to try this on for size. We want this child home and to care for him and to give him as much peace and love as we can.

Like all parents, we have to eventually face the facts. Miles is a big boy now. He's up to 5 lbs. 10 oz. We can't keep him in the NICU forever. (Although it would be an intriguing premise for a sitcom.)

Lisa and Dean

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