Monday, January 1, 2007

Welcome to the Miles Files

A warm New Year's welcome to all our readers from! We are starting 2007 right with a new, improved Miles blog at After all, an early adopter like Miles deserves only the best in blogging technology. This new site gives us more capacity for photos and other multimedia gizmos. Plus, we are looking forward to the day (not here yet) when the medical trappings of will be purely anachronistic.

Lisa and I spent a festive New Year's Eve with Miles at the NICU. Miles enjoyed his first tub bath, cleansing away the detritus of 2006 and getting a fresh start for his second calendar year.

His weight has reached the lofty proportions of 5 lbs. 4 oz. -- exactly double his birth weight. Weigh to go, Miles!


Grandma Margee said...

Loved watching my little grandson being bathed and loved hearing him 'talk' ; too cute!

Ruth and Dave said...

What a great move for MIles! The video was great, he obviously enjoyed the water experience. What a cutie!