Saturday, December 30, 2006

Five pounds, 1 pence

It's all smiles for Miles as we count down the rest of 2006. (And by the way, thanks, Miles, for that unexpected tax deduction!)

The young man has been growing with leaps and bounds. It seems like just yesterday we were excited that he hit 4 pounds. As of tonight, he weighs in at 5 lbs., 1 oz. There's a chubbiness to his cheeks that suggests one thing: baby.

Yesterday, Miles made a big move--from the incubator to a regular NICU crib. This means he's doing a better job of maintaining a steady temperature and doesn't need quite so much protection from the outside world (or at least from Room 5 of the NICU). The new digs make it much easier for his parents to gawk at him as well. On the downside, Miles has less noise insulation from all the hustle and bustle of the NICU than he used to. But it doesn't seem to be affecting his sleep, which has become increasingly tranquil.


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