Monday, December 11, 2006

They Grow Up So Fast!

Miles is now weighing in at a solid 3 lbs. 7 oz.--hardly the little chipmunk he was three weeks ago. His feedings have been steadily increased over the past week.

Yesterday morning the docs decided to give Miles another whirl off the CPAP. We told him to seize the day, since we know he's not thrilled to wear that mask on his face all the time. But he had to show that he could remember to breathe.

So far, so good. He's had some minor "episodes", but far fewer than he had last weekend. He looks much more comfortable with a nasal canula than with the CPAP, and as an added bonus we get to see much more of his cute little face. Plus they moved his gavage line from his mouth to his nose. No, we don't want to imagine what it's like to snort one's breakfast, but he certainly looks great without a tube in his mouth.

Finally, he's now wearing his little preemie clothes. Quite the fashion horse.

So, steady progress on all fronts. We're going to stay the course.


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