Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy Birthday, Miles

Miles celebrates his one-month birthday today. And what a month it's been.

Most kids his age still haven't gotten out of the womb. Miles, on the other hand, not only has had heart surgery--according to the nurses, he's the heartthrob of the NICU. And, judging by all the faithful readers here, he has his own on-line fan club.

We keep hearing about people whom we don't know, who don't even know people we know, but who know people who know people who know us, who have enlisted their congregations, book clubs, yoga classes, etc. in directing prayers, meditations and assorted good thoughts for the benefit of Mr. Miles. To all those people, we say thanks. You know who you are (even if we don't).

As I told Lisa last night, it appears that Miles is already more famous than either of us will ever be. Barack Obama, watch out!

The birthday boy himself is closing in on the 4-pound mark. As of last night he was at 3 lbs. 14 1/2 oz. I believe (but am not quite sure) that there are 16 ounces in a pound. How they came up with that, I have no idea.

Miles is still recovering from the after-effects of surgery Friday afternoon. He was fairly sedated and on a ventilator until early Sunday morning. By noon, however, his fiestiness was back in full force, as the respiratory therapist found when he tried to change Miles' CPAP from mask to prongs (which Miles has never particularly liked). Miles battled me, the RT and his nurse to a standstill, and thereby earned himself an opportunity to try the more comfortable nasal canula in lieu of the CPAP. Unfortunately, he was too tired from the surgery and CPAP wrangling to make much of a go of it. After about an hour he was clearly laboring too hard with his breathing and reluctantly submitted to a return of the CPAP (albeit with the mask instead of prongs -- so his struggle was not entirely in vain).

After all his ups and downs yesterday, Miles looked much more relaxed and content this morning. He is getting back on milk feeds (no doubt a welcome development after a week of IV nutrition) and surely gathering strength for another CPAP liberation bid.


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