Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Brothers

During all of last night's excitement at the hospital, Miles spent the night with his Grandma Ba-Ba-Ba. As always, they had a good time together, though Miles was reportedly rather upset to wake up and find no Mommy or Daddy close at hand.

Soon enough, Daddy arrived to take Miles to his class at Seattle Central, and to tell him about the arrival of his new baby brother.

But only when they arrived at the hospital around noon did Miles get a sense of the new contours of his world.

He had to admit the little guy was pretty cute.

So Miles gave Leo a nice welcoming kiss...

... and a new toy to play with.

Still, Miles wasn't sure what the big deal was all about. Yes, there was a baby, and yes, it had emerged into the world from Mommy, just as Miles had been trying to tell everyone it would. So why was everyone acting so surprised? And what, if anything, could this baby actually do?

Fortunately, the Greggs arrived with a little stuffed dog for Miles, whose company seemed to make the contemplation of these questions a bit easier.


Tiffany Tarrant said...

Welcome Baby Leo--we love you already! Kisses from abroad--Tiffany, Aaron, Mia & Rhett

Anne and JG said...

Yahooooo! A new baby in the family. And a big, beautiful, healthy boy he is! Congratulations, Lisa, Dean and Miles on the new love of your lives.
With our love, Anne and JG in the Land of Enchantment

Janet said...

What beautiful boys they are!!