Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's My Ferryboat

Our San Juan adventure continued with Leo once again leading the reveille.

Meanwhile, Miles enjoyed the company of his friend Paloma.

She has a very bubbly personality.

Like any set of diligent youngsters, Miles and Paloma set to work on reshaping the beach.

It was important to lay claim to this strategic spot.

Each morning, a Washington State ferry steamed by through Spieden Channel, bound for Sidney, B.C., and every afternoon, the same ferry made the return journey. Miles was initially delighted by the appearance of the ferry, exclaiming, "It's my ferry. I wanna get on. I wanna drive it!" His mood darkened considerably when we explained that the ferry would not stop at our little dock.

He had to settle for a reasonable facsimile.

Leo maintained his equilibrium throughout it all.

He also behaved himself very well as Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a dinner out at Roche Harbor....

... and took a walk around the historic Haro Hotel.

A visit to Roche was also part of our morning routine, as it was necessary to secure fresh coffee....

... and donuts.

We marked a changing of the guard with the departure of Grandma Margee and her friend Jill....

... and the arrival of Grandpa Dave and Grandma Ba-Ba-Ba.

Miles was happy to go along for the ride....

... no matter what the form of conveyance.

As was Leo, for that matter.

Of course, there was no better way to get around in style than one's own tractor...

...unless, of course, you were tracking sea otters... in which case a kayak was indispensable.

Back on the beach, look what floated in with the driftwood!

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