Monday, June 1, 2009

Catching Up With Miles and Leo (May Edition)

We're so far behind in narrating the adventures of our dashing young duo that we need to catch up with a Month of May dance mix.

Miles is the DJ, he is what he plays.

Wishing Mommy a Happy Mother's Day.

Leo with his friend Ivy.

While Miles and Ivy's brother Ned enjoy the suds.

Miles holding forth in the kitchen...

... and in the tree.

Beachcombing at Cape Disappointment.

It came with the yurt.

Leo and Daddy.

Leo looks jolly (1).

Leo looks jolly (2).

Stop it, dad, you're embarrassing me.

Miles the reader....

... aglow with discovery.

Feeding the horses with Uncle Joe.

Better yet, driving the tractor.

Taking charge in the ferry line.

Leo is considering a Rollover IRA.

Leo with Martin, his first cousin, once removed.

Martin's wife Robin, who is originally from Hawaii, noted that the well-fed Leo had "Luau Feet".

For obvious reasons, the expression has stuck.

Yes, you!

Mommy and Leo.

The youngster has no problem lifting his ample head.

Fortunately, he gets along well with Gracie. Woof!

With Grandma Ba-Ba-Ba and Grandpa Dave.

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