Monday, December 24, 2007

Making the Rounds

On Miles' first full day in Budapest, we proudly introduced him to most of his clan, starting with Dean's sister Eva and her daughter Kati.

Miles was jazzed to meet his new relatives.

We next paid a visit to Eva's mother Vera and her husband Laszlo, who served us a tasty lunch.

Miles was so excited we had to take him for a drive to induce a nap.

This gave us an opportunity to take in some of the sights, like Heroes Square...

... and the Citadella atop Gellért Hill.

Finally, we stopped in for a visit with Dean's nephew Marci, his wife Eva, and their daughter Dorka, who is about six months older than Miles' adjusted age.

Miles and Dorka were a little wary of each other at first, but soon became good friends.

Dorka even demonstrated her walking skills to an astonished Miles.

Then Miles started to become very attached to some of Dorka's toys.

But she quickly improvised a solution to that problem.

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