Sunday, January 6, 2008

Flight of the Muffinhead (II)

One aspect of going home that we were not looking forward to was.... actually going home. The 15+ hour journey from Munich to Seattle via London -- particularly the long transatlantic flight -- promised to push us to the limit.

Our attentive readers will remember what an ordeal the New York-to-Paris leg of our trip in September turned out to be. In fact, an unspoken motivation for accepting the posting to Munich was the opportunity to delay our next major flight with Miles.

After all that trepidation, the reality was almost too pleasant to believe.

Though we were all exhausted before we even got on the plane, Miles comported himself like the intrepid little traveler he has become.

He managed the journey without a single notable meltdown, which would have been an achievement even for an adult.

Both grandmas came to meet us at Sea-Tac.

After 104 days and 15 hours on the road, Miles was back home in his playroom.

And a comfy crib awaited him.

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