Friday, January 4, 2008

Packing Up in Munchen

Suddenly, it was time to say goodbye to our temporary but much-loved home in Munich.

With Miles' diligent help, we packed up our belongings and schlepped them to Deutsche Post.

We made a farewell tour of Marienplatz and the Altstadt.

We caught one last political demonstration -- actual Communists, apparently quite unreformed, marching through Marienplatz. A healthy contingent of riot police were there to keep tabs.

We stopped in at Dallmayr for lunch and a final gathering of foodstuff for the journey home.

Miles was eager to take one last look around, too...

...and to sample some of Munich's finest beverages before returning to a country with a somewhat more restrictive drinking age.

Lisa scaled the towers of Munich to catch a view of the cathedral and the Rathaus.

We took another look at the creepy/cool statue on Tal.

Finally, we dropped in on Lisa's favorite haunt, the open-air Viktualienmarkt.

Ingrid, our favorite grocer, who always gave Miles some free goodies, was sad to see us go.

And we knew we would miss all those tasty German meats.

Can't get enough of them.

Ah yes, we'll miss those meats.

OK, we're ready to go home now.

Miles found it hard to say goodbye to his favorite babysitter, Madina, and her boyfriend Niko.

Back at the Maximillian, we paid a last visit to the fabulous restaurant and home-away-from home operated by Thomas and Brigitte.

Their hospitality was a mainstay of our trip, and it was great to have a nice restaurant where we could (usually) bring Miles.

Our server Rezi was another good friend and big Miles fan.

As was our charming receptionist, Doris.

To all our friends in Munich, we'll miss you -- auf Wiedersehen!

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