Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Prosit Neujahr

Miles and I took advantage of the New Year holiday to give Mommy a break and take a valedictory stroll around the neighborhood.

Miles is going to miss living in a city so favorable to the letter "M".

We had a nagging sense that no matter how long we stayed in Munich, we would never make it to all the museums we wanted to see.

We won't have so many grand buildings to look at when we get home.

We headed north for a last walk through the English Gardens.

The ground was frosty, which made for great stoller-coasting.

Miles was feeling nostalgic already.

Few cities can claim such a spacious and pleasant central park.

We finally made it to the "Chinese Tower" -- an elusive landmark tucked away in the park.

OK, can we go back yet?

Despite the cold weather and verboten signs, the surf was up.

We paid a final visit to the Residenz, one of the old Bavarian monarchy's innumerable palaces.

Miles took it all in, knowing that without a monarchy in Seattle, he would soon have to make do with City Hall.

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