Monday, January 12, 2009


So many things have changed since our last post--most importantly, my address!

On Friday, my doctor discharged me three days early. After 57 hospital-bound days, I was finally allowed to escape and continue my bed rest from home.

I called Dean as he was on his way to work. He did a u-turn and helped make quick work of untangling myself from good ol' room 509. Between Miles and me, we have spent 6 of the last 24 months living in Swedish Hospital. Notwithstanding all the good care we have received there, it was a relief to finally see that building in our rear-view mirror.

The city has changed, too. Not only did it seem exceptionally crowded and busy to my eyes, but the fall colors had been washed away. The roads, including the freeway, were littered with potholes and debris due to our unusual weather. I tried hard to guide Dean around them; I wanted to make it home still pregnant!

I arrived home to a very surprised grandma and Miles in the dining room. My mother was beside herself and Miles looked up and proceeded to tell me about the bus he was playing with. He pointed to me a few times and said, "Mommy?"

I spent little time downstairs, but the rooms that I did visit looked different to me as well. Things had been slightly adjusted to Daddy's liking and there are new Miles toys all around.

Upstairs I went, to bed of course, and upstairs I remain. But other things have changed too.

At the hospital, Miles gave me hints of his changes everyday. Sadly, I just wasn't around him long enough to take them all in. How a two-year-old changes in two months! His requests are willful, clear and specific -- even asking for noodles from Bai Pai, our favorite Thai restaurant. He asks for his books by name (ok, mostly by subject). He runs everywhere - I hear his little pitter patter from my bed. He is comfortable yelling out his demands, he stands at the bottom of the stairs and yells "MOMMY!", as if confirming my existence up here. For the most part, he no longer cries when he wakes up in the morning -- all we hear is a plaintive "Daddy... Daddy?" He usually sleeps all night long (whew!). He laughs hard at things that are truly funny. On a more concerning note, his wheezing is much more pronounced than it was before. I am sure this is due to the increased activity. After the baby is born, it will be back to the pulmonary doctors.

Thankfully, what hasn't changed is that Miles still loves his mommy. On Friday, he followed me upstairs to bed and crawled right in next to me under my arm and would not stop repeating, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy" over and over. It was something that I will never forget. Actually, it was next to impossible to peel him away from me for his afternoon nap. So the nap did not happen.

Oh yes, there are even more changes.... Dean has proven himself to be quite the chef. I have enjoyed three meals a day delivered to my bed since my return. Each time Dean walks in with my tray, I am pleasantly surprised by his creativity and execution. This is a wonderful thing! He also, as I knew, handily juggles Miles, his work requirements, my requirements (which there are many), and keeping our fort in order.

The third trimester is a big change from the second trimester. As I haven't made it this far before, it has been an interesting experience to say the least. Most obviously, my body is much bigger and just now getting more uncomfortable. My body pillow is no longer a luxury, but a must-have in order to sleep. It takes a serious "umph" to get myself out of bed. My uterus stretches an incredible length from all sides and angles. I can't see or reach certain body regions that are typically well within normal distance. Bending down is akin to a giraffe drinking water. Laying on my back is really no longer a good idea. My breathing is loud and apparently I snore occasionally (what?). I also am "enjoying" many other side effects of pregnancy that I have only read about thus far.

I am beginning to realize that Dean and I may have one of those experiences where I turn to him and say "It's time" and off we go to the hospital like a normal couple having a baby. Who would have thought this?

Of course, our new baby boy has changed the most of all. He has now officially enjoyed six more weeks of womb time than his big brother. He gets the hiccups daily, which are pretty obvious. His movements are more limited due to his increasing size, but when he's awake and active, he can truly shake my whole body. We can't see the most important changes of all, but having had the opportunity to watch a 28 week baby develop in the outside world, we know exactly what he is missing.

Yes, it is marks my 34th week of pregnancy and after another 10 days or so, when I give birth we may be bringing a new baby home with us... just like regular people.


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