Monday, August 5, 2013

Bayern Munchin'

Munich, the final stop on our trip, was a homecoming of sorts.   We lived there for 4 months in 2007 when Miles was a one-year-old.


So we took the opportunity to visit some old haunts.

The Deutsches Museum -- one of the great scientific and technical museums of the world -- captivated us back in our Munich days.  


It also provided the finish line for Miles and Leo's European archeological/spy mission.

A succession of clues, beginning in Venice, led us to the elaborate mining exhibit beneath the Deutsches Museum.

The boys were up to the task and snared a bag of loot (redeemable at a local toy store) to conclude the adventure.



Munich was also an excellent spot to conclude our adventures as well.  Almost every street in the center of the city was associated with some memory from our stay five and a half years ago.

It was viel spass to make some new memories with the kids there as well.


When it was finally time to pack up one more time and say auf Wiedersehen to Munich, it was hard to believe that our amazing trip was over as well.

We took Fritz out for one last sprint down the Autobahn.   Although we looked forward to being reunited with our trusty Audi in a couple of months, we knew that driving on our speed-limited American highways would never be the same for him.   It was like taking an animal from the wild and shipping it off to a zoo.


Before boarding our plane, we took Fritz to the drop off point and turned him over to Audi's (hopefully) capable and trustworthy agents.

Not before carefully checking the trunk, however.

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