Saturday, August 3, 2013

Breakfast at Tihany's

An excursion across Lake Balaton to the scenic town of Tihany put the whole family into motion.

We gazed at the tombs of Hungarian kings...

... took in the fine baroque church...

... checked out the latest in roof-thatching technology...

...and viewed, not for the last time, the historical borders of Hungary (drawn in sharp contrast to the present ones).

Whether it was fueled by Hungarian irredentism, or American imperialism, no one knows -- but a full-scale squirt-gun war broke out back at the compound.

 Peace was restored with difficulty.

 When the dust settled, something was missing.

The Aquapark in Balatonfüred got rave reviews from young and less young alike.

Then, it was was finally time to say "viszontlátásra" to our Hungarian family and our unforgettable Balaton hideaway.

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