Monday, August 19, 2013

Falvy's Index

Our Trip, by the Numbers:

Days abroad: 52

Days within 1 km of the Adriatic Sea: 27

Days featuring swimming: 25

Countries visited: 9 (Iceland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Slovenia, Hungary)

Land borders crossed:  12

Land borders with passport check: 7

Longest visit to a country: Croatia (28 days)

Shortest visit: Montenegro (6 hours)

Different overnight accommodations: 19

Longest stay, 1 accommodation: 7 nights (Lake Balaton, Hungary)

Shortest stay: 1 night (Ingolstadt, Germany; Hall-in-Tyrol, Austria; Mostar, Bosnia; Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Plane flights: 4

Ferries: 8

Kilometers driven: 4604 (not including Iceland)

Longest drive, 1 day:  683 km (Lake Balaton to Munich)

Longest period without driving: 4 days (Venice, of course)

Auto accidents: 0

Scratches on car: 1 (rear bumper, attributed to anonymous driver in Dubrovnik parking lot)

Most expensive parking:  € 25/day (Dubrovnik)

Totally unjustified parking tickets: 1 (that would be you again, Dubrovnik)

Predicted Audi count:    715 (Xannie)
                                    1008 (Dean)     
                                    1009 (Miles)
                                    1109 (Lisa)
                                    “Nothing” (Leo)

Actual number of Audis counted en route: 1416 (Congratulations, Mommy!)

Fighting, number of times kids ejected from car for: 1

Nannies: 1 (13 nights, Venice through Split)

Babysitters: 1 (2 nights, Dubrovnik)

Doctor visits: 1

Hospitalizations: 0

Pizzas, approximate number eaten by kids: 35

Gelatos, approximate number eaten by kids: 90

Days until next summer: 305

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