Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Notable Anniversary

One year ago today our pregnancy went from exciting to scary. At Swedish Hospital for a routine checkup at Week 25, we found I was in pre-term labor. Instead of going out to dinner, we went to triage.

Instead of neatly tiding up my desk prior my maternity leave, I had to leave my job unexpectedly after 13 years.

After that night that we were no longer waffling on a name, no longer wanting it to be a surprise; our unborn baby needed a fan club and so did we.

It floors me to think of how precariously little Miles' life hung in balance. It is also hard for me to comprehend that last year I was on my back on bed rest from this date until his birth on Nov. 18.

Nov. 19, 2006

Most staggering of all is how far this baby has come and all of the medical technology, prayers and endless support from our family and friends that got him and us here.

(Oct. 23, 2007)

I am writing this entry sentence by sentence, as our little 18-pound Muffinhead is all over our Munich apartment. Pulling outlet covers off, pulling himself up to standing and most interested in the trash and any reachable cord.

What a year it has been, full of blessings, challenges and surprises.

Now back to our originally scheduled programming.....


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Tiffany Tarrant said...

Happy anniversary. Your son couldn't have better parents. You rock! You've come a long way, witnessed in the photos.