Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Willkommen in München

Our new home in Munich, the Maximillian, took a little while to grow on us. After absorbing so much quaintness on our way here, we weren't quite prepared to look out our window and enjoy the view of a parking garage.

But as we explored the neighborhood, we quickly decided we didn't want to move. The hotel is conveniently located -- just a ten-minute walk to the city center at Marienplatz, and a five-minute stumble from the Hofbrauhaus. And the atmosphere at the Max was quite welcoming. The hotel restaurant, in particular, turned out to be surprisingly cozy and welcoming for such a transient place -- sort of like the bar in Cheers, except with guest stars instead of the regulars.

The apartment itself is comfortable, with plenty of room for Miles to bargle around in. The only deficiencies were obvious from the start -- the rather limited kitchenette (emphasis on the "ette") and the cantankerous college-style coin-op laundry facilities in the basement. Otherwise, we were set up pretty well.

Now, finally, it was time for Daddy to get back to work.

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