Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kauai Roundup (Part 1)

Inspired by our trip to Hawaii, Leo decided to work on his own mobility.... scooting, commando crawling....

... and a few aerial maneuvers.

Watching Daddy and Miles enjoy some tasty Hawaiian BBQ...

... Leo was determined not to be left out.

The two brothers were color-coordinated for the jungle.

Meanwhile, Daddy and Mommy were off in search of an idyllic spot on the North Shore.

Apparently, they found it.

Known to locals as the "Queen's Bath", this saltwater swimming hole was hard to beat.

You just had to watch out for the occasional bit of surf.

Then it was off to the waterfall for a fresh-water shower.

And finally, a night on the town to celebrate Mommy and Bama's joint birthday.


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