Thursday, September 24, 2009

See Monk Seal, See Sea Turtle

As dawn spread her rosy-red fingertips across the Pacific, a tired mariner was making his way home at last.
It was our very own neighborhood Hawaiian monk seal.

Hawaiian monk seals have a somewhat inconvenient need to lie motionless on the beach for hours to digest their bellies full of fish. This was a workable arrangement when they had no real predators on the islands, but now that the beaches are lined with resorts and sunbathing bipeds, it's not surprising that the seals find themselves on the Endangered Species List. So when our local monk seals paid a visit, the staff dutifully blocked off the beach with yellow tape and we all kept a respectful, Marine Mammal Protection Act-compliant distance.

So it was off to the North Shore again, this time to scenic Anini Beach.

Miles set out to do some landscaping....

... while Leo contented himself with rolling in the sand.

Mommy and Grandma went snorkling in the lagoon and returned with wonderous tales of turtles cavorting out by the reef.

Daddy set off with the waterproof camera and managed to locate the same creatures.

This very large turtle was content to let us watch him for quite a long time.

He placidly went about munching green stuff off the rocks, quite undisturbed by the amazed snorkeler in his presence.

It's hard to describe the awe these animals inspire up close.

They are, after all, nature's own submarines.

And we're really glad they let us join them for lunch!

Back on shore, a certain little turtle was eager to get behind the wheel.

C'mon dad, gimme the car!

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