Friday, September 18, 2009

The Pool Report

If there was any question about how we would spend the bulk of our vacation, it was settled when the boys made their first visit to the pool.

Enclosed in his floatie, Leo found the pool a comfortable place to hang out, but for Miles it became a passion rivaled only by the DVD player.

In particular, Miles found his vacation vocation in the water slide.

He would literally never tire of racing up the steps and rocketing down to the pool below.

There's only one problem: Miles can't swim, and at the moment he shows no interest in learning how.

And as for life jackets, you can try to put one on him, but you'd better bring an exorcist.

So the supervising parent always needs to be with Miles at the top of the slide, to make sure he gets on the right one and doesn't wander off somewhere else.

The supervising parent must also be at the bottom of the slide to catch Miles as he plunges into the pool. In short, two places at once. No wonder Miles thinks it's a lot of fun!

But after 10-12 trips down the slide, Miles can sometimes be persuaded to visit the toddler pool to reapportion the sand. Tired parents may recline briefly, but must keep eyes open!

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