Monday, September 28, 2009

Kauai Roundup (Part 2)

Not content to enjoy the view by helicopter alone, we set out to make the land journey up the edge of Waimea Canyon.
The landscape is so vast and imposing that it's hard to believe it represents only a slice of an island that is barely 40 miles across at its widest point.

It looked even bigger with Miles and Leo adding perspective.

Miles felt it was a good spot for acrobatics.

Fortunately, no one went over the edge.

At the end of the road we took in the Kalalau Valley from a dizzying height.

By the time we got back to Waimea, we were good and hungry. Somehow, we managed to stumble upon the best shrimp tacos north of the Rio Grande. (Though there was some uncertainty about whether we were north of the Rio Grande.)

After that, there was no delaying the nap.

We watched the horn spout at Spouting Horn.

Then checked out the scene at Poipu Beach.

Leo was becoming quite accustomed to the beach.

While Miles looked ready to join the surfer crowd.

Or perhaps start his own band.

Grandma Margee continued to provide invaluable support....

... for which we could only compensate her with coconuts.

Snorkeling was as simple as rolling out of the minivan and tumbling onto the beach.

Fish weren't the only creatures lurking in the water.

Leo showed plenty of aquatic aptitude.

Somehow we all managed to stay afloat.

On rare occasions, Miles would consent to wear his water wings in the pool...

... a fashion statement that made quite a splash.

... and made the job of monitoring him in the pool slightly less stressful.

In fact, it was downright fun.

Lisa found an extraordinary roadside BBQ on the road to Kilauea, where we procured the tastiest wild boar of all time. Apparently the island is overrun with tens of thousands of wild boar and very free-ranging chickens (pictured here meeting their fate on the grill.)

The Kilauea Lighthouse marked the northernmost point on Kauai.

And it put an exclamation point on our day!

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