Friday, June 21, 2013

Calling an Audible

After three amazing (if sleep-deprived) days in Iceland, it wasn't clear how we could maintain the same level of excitement on the rest of our trip as we boarded the plane for Munich.  

Well, as they used to say on '70s game shows, "How about a NEW CAR?"

So we thought we'd try that.

So the next thing we knew, we were in scenic Ingolstadt, about 45 minutes north of Munich and, more importantly, the home of the "Audi World Forum".

Ingolstadt has about 130,000 inhabitants, over 35,000 of whom work for Audi, including Tom, our friendly driver.   Everyone else apparently makes parts.

European Delivery Day finally arrived.  But first, there was some paperwork to fill out.

And a cup of coffee.

Finally, the hour approached.

And we were off to the races!

Certain people made themselves right at home in the driver's seat....

...while others looked forward to the Autobahn.

But first it was time for a tour of the factory.   We can't show you the photos we took with our secret shoe cameras, but if you want to set up a state-of-the-art auto manufacturing facility without all fuss of designing your own, get in touch with us!

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