Sunday, June 23, 2013

Five If By Sea

Were we crazy to set off on an extended European tour with our two small boys? Those who thought so were undoubtedly unaware of our secret weapon: Xannie the Nanny.

Dean's cousin, a newly minted high school graduate, joined us at Venice-Marco Polo airport for a short tour of duty minding Miles and Leo.  Talk about a shakedown cruise!

We decided to leave the car at the airport (insert knocks on wood here) and travel to Venice in style via water taxi.

It's a way to start getting used to a world where everything is a little topsy-turvy, but almost always wonderfully so.

Crossing the lagoon, we saw the fabled city rise up from the waves like a particularly realistic mirage.

Soon enough we were gliding through channels and canals that were real enough.


Our Venice-Fan-In-Chief was enraptured.

As were we all as we approached Piazza San Marco.

It was time to get our bearings....

... and let the adventure begin.

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