Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hall Pass

OK, gentle readers, we realize we're way behind on the blog.    Blame it on a dodgy wi-fi connection in Venice.  We're going to take advantage of a moment of connectivity to try to bring you up to date on the sights and sounds of the trip, without the usual commentary on the local orthography.

Our first day with the new wheels brought us across the Austrian border, fiddling with the audio system but otherwise enjoying the ride.   We stopped in Hall-in-Tyrol, a charming (aren't they all) town just outside of Innsbruck.   Speaking of the Inn, it was still raging at high levels several weeks after contributing more than its share to the flooding in Central Europe.

Fortunately, our resourceful adventures found a wooden bridge across the river and slipped through the fortified walls into the town.



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