Wednesday, June 26, 2013

See You Next Year at the Biennale

OK, OK, just one more Venice post.  We would be remiss if we didn't catalog the serendipitous aspects of our voyage, and surely one of those was when we realized that our visit to Venice would correspond with the Biennale.  So, what's the Biennale?   Well, if you have to ask....

Actually, we did too.  It's Venice's bi-annual exhibition of contemporary art.  But that's sort of like saying that they play football in the Super Bowl.   This thing is so big, they can't do it every year.  They need to take a year off just to recover from all the Bellinis.


With dozens of national pavilions and ancillary exhibits scattered throughout the city, we can't say we saw the whole thing.   But we saw more than you did, which is something we will lord over you throughout the rest of this post.   So enjoy!




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