Friday, November 17, 2006

28 Up

Week 28 is here!

Thanks to everyone at Swedish and to our loyal supporters in the outside world for getting us here.

As any fetus will tell you, it's a world of difference to be in Week 28 vs. Week 25. And we're not stopping here.

Today Lisa got to go on a bit of a field trip. Instead of having her ultrasound in the room, like the last gazillion times, we loaded up in the gurney and went for a ride to the lab downstairs. Except for the brief bed-switching incident a few days ago, this was Lisa's first excursion out of Room 512 in over 500 hours, and it showed in her awestruck reaction to various new ceiling tile patterns.

The ultrasound results suggest that we could be on this train for a while. Amniotic fluid and cervix metrics continue to be stable.

So, now that we've finally reached Week 28, we're moving the goalposts again.


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