Monday, November 27, 2006

One Week

Yesterday we celebrated Miles’ first week-a-versary. The young lad is progressing well. Today he spent several hours off of his CPAP (which delivers little puffs of air through his nostrils to keep his lungs inflated). Although he is not yet ready to manage his own respiration full-time, Miles is showing lots of aptitude. He is also practicing with that essential tool of babyhood, the binky. Already this is proving useful to console him (with a little assistance from mom and dad to keep it in his mouth).

We don’t have the official word yet, but it appears from today’s EKG that the PDA (open heart valve) is narrowing. Hopefully it will continue to do so, rendering surgery unnecessary. Once that problem is resolved, Miles is looking forward to getting started on his first droplets of milk. We hope he can get started soon, because our freezer is getting full.

- Lisa and Dean

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