Saturday, November 11, 2006

Armistice Day

Happy Armistice Day to all. We are keeping the peace here on the 5th floor.

Based on the ultrasound measurements from the other day, the docs have estimated Miles' weight at 2.6 lbs. (+/- 20%). That's 1085 grams to those of you more comfortable using the metric system.

Lisa continues to have the occasional contraction, but Dr. O'Neill says these are to be expected as Miles grows. As long as the cervix situation remains stable, we're in good shape.

Dr. Roschko, the neo-natologist, paid us a visit yesterday to fill us in on what to expect if we start expecting right away. We're definitely in much better shape at 27 weeks than 25, but we're still looking at intubation, a host of intensive procedures and a lengthy stay in NICU. But as we hit 28 weeks and beyond the interventions become less drastic and, of course, ultimate outcomes continue to improve. So we've got the target dates circled on the white board and look forward to crossing them off one by one.

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