Friday, November 3, 2006

One Week

Speaking of Milestones, last night we officially marked one (1) week in the hospital. Considering that that initial goal was 48 hours, this feels like a significant accomplishment.

There are many signs that we are settling in. We have become very discerning about the room service menu. The nurses coming on shift no longer show any hint of surprise that we are still here. Lisa is collecting trivia about the Smith Tower and just about anything else she can see from her window.

Dr. Bohmke came by this morning and said that things are looking good--we could go a while. They're going to lean Lisa out of Trendelenburg position, which means she'll no longer be pointed upwards like a rocket launcher.

Thanks to everyone for your visits and messages of support. I am reading them to Lisa every day, and they mean a lot to us.


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