Monday, July 1, 2013

Bathing Suits Us

We have mentioned how much coastline has ended up in Croatia's possession.  Relatively little of it, however, consists of sand.   The typical Croatian beach is either an assembly of fairly sizeable pebbles, or simply a large rock.  

Rab had some happy exceptions, notably San Marino Beach at the north end of the island.

Here, the sand stretched for a kilometer or two along the beach, and was wadeable for several hundred meters out to sea.

Needless to say, the scene was a hit with the kids.

... and the grown ups as well.


Other beaches were a bit more challenging to get to, requiring a boat trip and an epic portage to discover.

But the journey was well worth it.

The seemingly remove location brought us into close (well, not that close) contact with a flotilla of mostly Teutonic FKKers.   As mentioned previously, Rab is a hotbed of naturism, dating back to a visit from the soon-to-be ex-King Edward VII of Britain in 1936, who was apparently working on a major tan.  From our crowd, only Leo was sufficiently inspired by the King's example to go full FKK.

The rest of us were content to try our first Rapska torte and return in style to a resplendent Rab town.


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