Wednesday, July 10, 2013


We've been having good luck with our accomodations on this trip (thanks, Mrs. Falvy!), but on Korčula we really scored.  

Our apartment in laid-back Lumbarda, a few clicks down the road from Korčula's Old Town, turned out to be not only on the water, but smack-dab in front of an actual sandy beach.

We settled in quickly to what proved to be the most relaxed portion of our vacation to date.

Our only worries were rolling out of bed in the morning and making sure we applied sunscreen.

Of course, there were occasional battles over who got prime position on the air mattress.

But otherwise, things couldn't have been mellower.

 Miles worked on his card games.

While Leo framed his own agenda.

After a few days of lolling around on the beach, we decided to venture further afield.   We rented this sturdy galleon and decided to try our luck freebooting in the Lumbarda Archipelago.

On a remote rock outcropping, we stumbled upon a terrific lunch spot.

And sampled every shade of blue and green the Adriatic could offer.

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