Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Going Coastal

Getting from Hvar to Korčula proved to be our most difficult logistical task of the trip so far; it was also, fortunately, where we benefitted from our best luck.   Although both islands have direct car ferry connections to Split, it turned out that the regular boat between them was a passenger-only catamaran -- a distinction that neither our guidebooks nor the official Jadrolinija schedule was particularly clear about.   We were faced the possibility of a backtrack to Split, or an equally convoluted detour to the mainland east of Hvar.

Then, to the rescue sailed Jadrolinja's biweekly coastal ferry, which just happened to be making stops on both Hvar and Korčula -- during daylight hours, no less -- on precisely the day when we had to make the transfer.  

So we fed Fritz to the maw of the ferry, and in the hold the workers organized cars headed to a half-dozen destinations according to a system scrutable only to themselves.

Nevertheless, we were reassured to be appropriately labeled. 

Many of the travelers on the coastal route had apparently been settled into their spots for days.

One intruded upon their territory at one's own risk.

Although Hvar and Korčula are visible from each other, the trip still managed to take almost four hours, thanks to the leisurely pace of the boat and the complexities of the local waterways.

Not that we were complaining, as the trip offered views throughout the archipelago, including Hvar Town...

... as well as our old digs at Sveta Nikolaj.

 Finally, we pulled into Korčula, yet another Adriatic gem.



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