Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Raised on Rabbery


We wound up our stay in Rab with a leisurely evening in the Old Town.

The town bore many emblems of a proud past, when its fearsome two-headed birds terrorized the Adriatic.

The shopping in modern Rab was not terribly exciting -- for some reason, the local shops were heavily stocked with quasi-obscene, fully obnoxious English-language T-shirts that were hopefully only vaguely understood by their purchasers.

However, Miles scored a find with his first-ever belt, which he proudly displayed whenever possible.   The store had nothing in Miles' size, of course -- it was not even clear if his size exists.  So the shop owner custom-built him one -- and probably had enough belt left over to sell another belt.

We enjoyed a last sunset from St. Mary's Tower, the tallest of the four that form Rab's medieval skyline.

Meanwhile, down below, Xannie kept the peace at dinner while we enjoyed the view.

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