Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Life in the Slovene Lane

From Croatia we looped back north to Slovenia, the last of the former Yugoslav republics on our itinerary.   It's a compact country of only 2 million people, most of whom appear to be deeply into hiking, skiing, kayaking, and anything else that will allow them to put a roof rack on top of their cars.  In short, it was a place where a Seattleite could feel at home.

Of course, we don't exactly have this kind of thing back at home.


The vast caves at Postojna were unlike any we'd ever seen.

The underground train ride was a hoot.


For Lisa, a visit to the original Lippizaner horse farm at Lipica, near the Italian border, was a must.

They weren't exactly Lippizaners, but the boys enjoyed their obligatory pony ride.

Our rural inn provided all the recreational amenities a couple of kids could need.

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